About Watering Your Lawn

A well-managed lawn can be profitable and attractive if it is being watered regularly. With a little knowledge, you can go about making sure your lawn is receiving the right amount of water without breaking the bank.

From the first week of September to the first week of November, the climate is generally cooler than that of other months of the year. If you are watering your lawn in the late fall or early winter, the water should be applied for about six weeks at a time. This will help keep the grass healthy and look great.


On warmer days, it is also important to make sure the soil is dry before watering your lawn. Watering late in the day will give the grass the chance to absorb the water and then evaporate quickly. You can try to water your lawn early in the morning when the sunshine will warm the soil. Or, take advantage of summer weather to water your lawn during early morning or late afternoon when temperatures will be cooler.

Any time the ground is wet, it is a perfect time to make sure the soil is dried out. If the soil is damp after the last application of water, check the surface moisture and if necessary, continue watering.

If there is not too much rain, your lawn may need water during the second half of August and the third week of September. This is when the hot weather and autumn coloration has faded, so the grass is recovering from the summer heat.

At the end of September, the warmth and lack of rain caused by El Nino are long gone. The thermometer climbs to over thirty degrees Fahrenheit in the evening and stays on this high for a while until about mid-October.

During this time, it will usually take about two weeks to dry out, but your lawn has probably been wilting for the past couple of months. It may take longer than normal, but it should go back to looking its best.

During the warm summer months, it is possible to get into a rut with watering your lawn. However, it is much easier to keep things interesting by having different things done each week.

There are some lawns that seem to do well no matter what the weather. This includes areas like Perth, Victoria, and parts of New South Wales.

These types of areas usually enjoy strong shade trees but also get excellent rainfall during the summer. A good quality mulch is always a bonus.

An easy way to make sure your lawn gets the right amount of water is to make two separate areas for watering. One area will be wet for short periods, and the other area should be dry.

Try to keep this as even as possible so that each area of your lawn receives the same amount of water. Even though Perth enjoys the warm weather and lots of rain, you still want to make sure your lawn looks its best with Reticulation Perth.